Certification and Formation

"Effective formation methods address the whole person: emotions, imagination, will, heart, and mind. It is the whole person who ministers, so the whole person is the proper subject of formation."
- USCCB document: Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord

A Message from Bishop Barry C. Knestout

Welcome to the Catholic Diocese of Richmond's Employee Training Portal!

New Employee Orientation:
Our Orientation consists of six modules provided to you through Catholic Faith Technologies. Completion of all modules takes approximately one hour. At the conclusion, you will receive an acknowledgement Certificate of Completion for your electronic personnel file.


New Employee Orientation

Rewarding Careers, Good Work-Life Balance, Competitive Pay and Benefits. This online orientation is the best way for you to get to know the Diocese. Our online orientation consists of 6 modules to be completed within 30 days of hire. The total time to view all lessons is less than 1 hour. You may elect to complete all modules now or return at your convenience. If you wish to return to the site, click on the link, reenter your user name and password and continue your orientation.


Should you have any questions or problems, please email the Office of Human Resources at: humanresources@richmonddiocese.org

Thank you and again welcome to the diocese!